Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fantasy Earth Zero Character "Concept Art"

Something completely different to what I normally do


Julie said...

Hi. I met you and your work on Monday Art Day. I really enjoy it and this one is very cool in a dark sort of way. What is it illustrating? It makes me think of the King Arthur legend (not the "Camelot" movie fluffiness). What do you think has happened with Monday Art Day? Is our fearless leader still suffering from his surgery and not recovering? Come visit me at

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...
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Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Hi Julie!
I am sorry it took me sooooooo long to answer! I have been really busy... painting of course :)
thanks for your awesome comment, the illo is some concept art for a video game, but I was certainly inspired by King Arthur!
I am not sure what is going on with Mike... hopefully he is ok!
I just checked your blog and you have some pretty cool stuff... I personally loved the sketch that you put in Monday Art Day