Saturday, 15 May 2010


Here is my entry for Breakfast...

hope you like it!

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Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I really like the creature design, their little puggish faces are very cute. I think that they are a little lost in the plain composition, if you didnt want to clutter the image with other elements then maybe experiement with thumbanils of different camera angles before starting work on the final piece. Or even just cropping it a little tighter would help... ;)

The rendering on the beasties is great, but the for such a dominant element the grass needs more work. Vary the size and colour of the blades to make them seem more natural, and although long grass would all bu uniformly effected by wind to be blown in the same direction, if you don't vary the exact angle of the blades to imply movement in the wind then they will always end up looking artificial.

nice illo though!

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Awesome comment! thanks for taking the time!